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Preformed to improve overall health, and help with muscle tension. All massages are catered to the needs of the clients, and include hot towels where needed, or to enhance the experience

A slow and specific massage, to help relieve chronic muscle pain. More intense experience, and communication will happen throughout the massage, you may be asked to assist in movements and stretches.

Add an aroma to your massage, for a fully immersive experience. We have lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint aromas to choose from, all offering their own benefits.

This refreshing little add on is wonderful for energizing the client and relieving headaches. Not to mention the cooling sensation of the peppermint.

A practice where pressure is applied to your feet, in areas that correspond with organs and other body systems, to increase the energy flow and communication throughout your body.

Relax while rejuvenating your hair with this hot towel and warm oil service. Argon oil of morocco penatrates hair to increase shine and softness while strengthening individual hair strands.

Hot Stone

A great addition to any massage. The hot stones help warm up tight muscles, relax away extra tension, and help you relax and enjoy the treatment, with a little added luxury.

An alternative form of massage that has been around since at least 1,550 B.C. It can help with pain, blood flow, relaxation, inflammation and helps work out deep tissues during a massage.

Cold Stone

A wonderful approach to help relieve sinus congestion, migraines, and facial puffiness. With this add on you will experience cold marble stones rolling over tight neck muscles and facial stone placement on sinus and under eye areas.

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Massage Prices

Swedish Massage

30 min


Swedish Massage

60 min


Swedish Massage

90 min


Swedish Massage

120 min


Deep Tissue Massage

60 min


Deep Tissue Massage

90 min


Deep Tissue Massage

120 min


Add On Prices

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614 Cedar St. Wallace, Idaho

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About Us

Massage and Wellness is a small business started in June of 2022 in beautiful Wallace, Idaho. Traci Sherman LMT and owner, has been a certified massage therapist since 2017, with a focus in deep tissue and whiplash recovery. We are looking forward to offering the Silver Valley residents and visitors a form of self-care and healing. Wellness is so much more than just physical health, through the different modalities of massage, we hope to help you find a path to balance in your body, mind, and spirit.